I’ve been working in DevOps, Security, & Infrastructure going on 14 years. I’ve been hacking on Linux, telephony, and various other technologies since I was a wee one. I have a strong passion for most technology. Learning new things by doing is my preferred way of perfecting my craft.

I have worked for companies ranging from AppDynamics, Upwork, The RealReal, & Ticketfly, to name a few.

thehar.com is a place for me to store all the things I learn from or find interesting things.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions and permission to post content.

I’m from the United States, but San Francisco tech trained. Expat in Berlin, Germany.

Not work things

I’m am an avid charity cyclist for AIDS/Lifecycle, going on four years. I’ve attended many a Velocity, DEFCON, Queercon, & Chef conferences.


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Thanks for reading! - thehar