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I’m a Platform Infrastructure Engineering Manager, located in Germany.

About Me

I’ve been working in DevOps, Security, & Infrastructure going on 18 years. I’ve been hacking on Linux, telephony, and various other technologies since I was a wee one. I have worked for companies ranging from AppDynamics, Blacklane, Upwork, The RealReal, & Ticketfly, to name a few. thehar.com is a place for me to store things I’ve encountered in my tech career. Feel free to hit me up with any questions and permission to re-post content....

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Build Hugo

Hugo is one of the easiest ways to build a quick and easy website. Hugo has many benefits, but the biggest plus in its corner is speed. Hugo is incredibly fast. I’ve been using Hugo to build content for years, and I recommend you try it out. Everything in this post includes a free tier to try it out. Prerequisites: VS Code or equivalent editor Site built with Hugo: Getting Started Github login: here Github Actions comes with some free credit AWS account Use an S3 bucket with the website hosting service to front your content....

December 5, 2022 · 2 min · Me

KMS + Terraform

Using AWS KMS to store secrets in Terraform I found myself needing to know how to store secrets easily, using KMS and Terraform today. Here’s a simple use case for an easy reference. Terraform includes a super-easy way to make this happen. Note: These are just small snippets to integrate into your larger codebase. I’m happy to provide other examples if you have any questions! Make a key in KMS:...

January 22, 2021 · 1 min · Me

tmux love

new session: tmux start new with fancy name: tmux new -s derp attach session: tmux a attach to fancy named session: tmux a -t derp list sessions: tmux ls kill session: tmux kill-session -t derp destroy ALL the tmux sessions: tmux ls | grep : | cut -d. -f1 | awk ‘{print substr($1, 0, length($1)-1)}’ | xargs kill

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