kms + terraform

February 12, 2018

Using AWS KMS to store secrets in Terraform I found myself needing to know how to store secrets easily, using KMS and Terraform today. Figured I’d share for easy reference. Terraform includes a super easy way to make this happen. Make a key in KMS: resource "aws_kms_key" "magic" { description = "ponies" deletion_window_in_days = 30 enable_key_rotation = true } Lets now encrypt a password to use for an RDS instance: ... Read more

tmux love

August 9, 2017

tmux love and you new session: tmux start new with fancy name: tmux new -s derp attach: tmux a # attach to fancy named session: tmux a -t derp list sessions: tmux ls kill session: tmux kill-session -t derp destroy ALL the tmux sessions: tmux ls | grep : | cut -d. -f1 | awk ‘{print substr($1, 0, length($1)-1)}’ | xargs kill

Setup for Changin Times

April 27, 2017

Step 0) Get a domain name from NameCheap. NameCheap This is a pretty great registrar and they don’t support LGBT hating causes like GoDaddy. Step 1) Setup a Github Account and Organization. It’s pretty simple - you signup, create an organization, and then create a new git repository under that github organization. If this is truly your first time ever using github you’re going to have to create an ssh key-pair, which is used to authenticate you so you can push up your code. ... Read more

Better, faster, stronger

April 15, 2017

Howdy y’all! The basis for this new design and adventure of automation all started with a random late night at Upwork preparing for a massive site “forklift” to AWS from our very outdated datacenter. I knew vacation would be needed after said migration. So I booked and began my 15 day vacation to Iceland, Germany & Spain for a few days after 48 hours of zero downtime. On my flight to Germany, I decided to re-launch all of thehar. ... Read more

About Harley

January 1, 2017

This is a place for me to store all the things I try to remember from work/life/hacking or things I find interesting. Feel free to hit me up with any questions and/or permission to post content. Learn more and contribute on GitHub. Setup Some fun facts about Hugo: Built in Go Loosely inspired by Jekyll Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to open an issue on GitHub or ask me on Twitter. ... Read more

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